The worst mistake and the most common one - is not having a strategy at all.
Most executives think they have a strategy when they really don’t.

To understand strategy - what it is, why it’s important, and how to develop a successful one for any organization—you must begin with understanding competition. For more than two decades, Henrik von Scheel has been developing and refining the essential strategy frameworks that explain how strategy and competition works and its implications for strategy in business, government, financial institutions and society.

Strategy defines the distinctive approach to compete and the foundation of competitive advantage.  A good competitive strategy is one that creates unique value deliver.

At the heart of all business strategy is the trade-off between exploration versus exploitation. How strategies are created, implemented, and executed is a rare discipline that few master. Yet strategy is more necessary than ever. 

Everybody can create a breakthrough strategy, once they master the building block of strategy and develop a structured way to outsmart one’s own bias and outthink creative limits.  

Think functionally and act strategically to outthink the ordinary, think differently and differentiate with core capabilities. A good strategy is a masterplan to design innovation and growth alongside uncertainty while strengthening the core. 

Create the future and manage the present requires a managerial toolkit to cope with disruption, competitive agility, business and operating model, as well as the future workforce to find the future value and growth.

There are two fundamental levels of strategy: corporate and business unit strategy. Corporate strategy defines what set of businesses to compete in, while business unit strategy describes how to compete in each distinct business or industry. While both are essential, business units typically account for 80% or more of economic performance. 

Strategy workshop

Learn in an executive workshop to master the building blocks of strategy with the leading authority in strategy. Laying the foundation to think functionally and act strategically.

The executive workshop is designed to align executive teams to develop corporate or business unit strategies -  and make it stick. 

Engage to Impact

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