The essence of strategy is making wise choices about where and how to compete.

The essence of strategy is making wise choices about where and how to compete.

Rethink Competitiveness
Some companies perform better than others, and keep innovating so they grow and thrive over time. This has been true throughout the history of business. Yet until the 2010s, terms like competitive life cycle, competitive advantagecomparative advantage, hyper-competition advantage and hyper-growth were absent from the corporate lexicon until introduced by Michael Porter, Henrik von Scheel and Richard D'Aveni. Even today, many leaders and managers fail to grasp the fundamental concepts that shape competitive strategy, causing strategic missteps with costly results.

The secret weapon for Growth, Profitability and Productivity
The secret to compete is the ability to read and act on disruptive signals. Knowing when in the competitive lifecycle to innovate, where to transform, and how to proactive define competitive advantage. Competitiveness is should be based on a tree-fold strategy:

1) Outthink to create new competitive advantage that outperform the market

2) Outwit industry peers with comparative advantage

3) Outsmart hyper competitive environments and markets

A strategy for competitiveness requires to make the ordinary extraordinary, define action that deliver real value and agility to adopt new realities to make a impact.

Competitiveness Workshop

Learn in a corporate executive workshop - how to apply the principles of competitiveness to deliver sustainable growth, profitability and productivity.

Designed to help align and kick-start executive teams to manage the present and create future of they company with the leading authority in the field.

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