"One of the pre-eminent strategic advisor of his generation."

Henrik is a trusted advisor to leading companies, governments and investment firms. He coaches executives, runs strategic workshops and facilitates project execution streams. When times get tough, they bring him in to shake things up. When times are good, they bring him in to prevent complacency.

In his endeavour to do so, Henrik has profoundly impacted the economies of nations and shaped the performance of the fastest growing fortune 100 companies.

Strategic Adviser
Henrik's forte is to advise leaders on how to take advantage in a world of relentless change, navigate disruption and to unlock innovation potential to achieve competitive transformational growth.

Sought after for his trademark to create the future and manage the present with his ability to spot where organizations create value and how to develop their core differentiation and competitive aspects.

Government Confidant
He advises government leaders on some of the most trusted matters of competitiveness, economic growth, how to delivery more for less and policy (reset).

Best known as one of most influential authorities on national competitiveness and is a confidant to national and regional governments, municipalities and cities around the globe.

Executive Management Programs
He delivers advanced and management and board  education programs and coaches executives to transform performance and implement must win strategic initiatives. Henrik is highly valued for his ability not to teach “what to think”, but rather to learn ”how to think” that structures a way to deliver.

Drive Strategic Impact

If you would like to learn how to master the building blocks of strategy with one of the leading authority in strategy. If you’d like to work with Henrik, to think functionally and act strategically, please contact Marianne Fonseca.

Create competitive advantage

Achieving real and sustainable competitive advantage requires a clear understanding of what “competitiveness” mean the ability to read and act on signals.

Turning competitive forces into competitive advantage and strategies.  Such clarity is the key to boost innovation, drive growth, profitability and productivity

To learn how to apply the principles of competitiveness, please contact Marianne Fonseca.

Henrik von Scheel Advisory Service

Worked with 23% of the Fortune 500 companies

Work with Governments

Work with Investment firms

IBM Venture Capital   |   3i   |   Hasso Plattner   |   Google Venture Partner Groups   |   Riverside | ocean v







If you’d like to get in touch with Henrik about speaking at your event, working with your organization, please contact Marianne Fonseca

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