Henrik has co-founded multiple companies that implement his concepts that positively impact businesses and organizations globally

Learn more about Henrik von Scheel´s affiliated organizations that apply his theories:

 a private investment investment firm, that invests in the fourth industrial revolution opportunities and manages a broad range of customized portfolios for an international clientele of institutional investors.

We offer with Alternative Investment Fund, the highest regulatory transparency and financial security across a investment portfolio of real estate, infrastructure, investment management, equity in tactical opportunities, innovations and sustainability projects.  www.oceanv.ch

Époque Plus AG
Époque Plus provides the next generation of wealth enabled by artificial intelligence - a state of the art Automated Trading Online Service for to high-net worth families, funds and selected traders.  www.epoque-plus.ch 

LEADing Practice
A leading provider of  interconnect and reusable business management and information technology standards across 56 industries. Mark von Rosing and Henrik von Scheel are the originator of Enterprise Standards and accredited to pioneer a paradigm shift  that has advanced management, operational and organizational discipline. www.leadingpractice.com 







If you’d like to get in touch with Henrik about speaking at your event, working with your organization, please contact Marianne Fonseca

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