One of the most influential board members. Sought after for his trademark to advance corporate governance from compliance to competitive advantage

A sought-after expert in corporate governance and one of the most influential board members. Know for his ability to cut through the complexity of run a business in today’s fast changing environment to manage the present while creating the future.

One of the most sought and influential board members, who serves as a member of numerous corporate, family and non-profit boards, including Gazprom, Industry 4.0 Council and Digital Advisory Council at 9 countries, US Energy Committee 2030, OECD National Competitive Council to name a few.

The four types of boards 
There are four different types of boards: corporate, family business, Investment firm and non-profit organizations. Each with it own unique characteristic, purpose, structures and culture,  that demand a different governance, strategy, capabilities and business model approach.

Henrik is one of the most sought after professional board member, that successfully serves on all the four types of board

Create the future while manage today 
He advises corporate executives, founders, chairman, family offices and investment firms on how to take advantage in a world of relentless change, unstoppable disruption, and ferocious competition.

Best-known for his trait to develop the manage today while inventing the core differentiated and competitive aspects of the future.

Boards that deliver
He guides executives to cut through complexity and better understand where their organization creates value, potential risks, asses emerging trends and strategy.

Notorious for his ability to advance corporate governance techniques and practices from compliance to competitiveness. He is experienced in turn-arounds, hyper-growth and improving the economic value of organizations across every financial metric, top and bottom line, balance sheet and operational efficiency measures.

Influential Board Member
He is one of the most influential board members that has set national and corporate competitiveness, triggered the global themes, influenced the GDP growth of economies, ignited hyper-growth and fueled the profit of fortune 500 companies, as well as to early and late stage investments.

Boards he has served at


Henrik specializes in helping  corporate board and committee chairman to improve the effectiveness of their board of directors - to better understanding of where the company creates value, the potential risks, and their strategy. 

Providing counsel on board governance, performance, best practices and CEO succession planning. 


Henrik passion is to work with family business to ensure the future growth, the continuum of the legacy while maintaining the uniqueness that defines it.

He is frequently asked to act as an independent chairman and coach to family-controlled boards and firms. Advises families on corporate strategy, governance, investment and coaches family successors.

  • Long-term strategy for business prosperity and family happiness.
  • Wealth protection & retention planning
  • Balancing family structures (competencies) vs. business requirements
  • Generational transitioning & succession planning
  • Aligning interests and avoiding conflicts

He works with family firms, founder, intergenerational, and family-to-non-family transitions and identifies the best possible individuals to drive the organization’s strategic objectives. 


Henrik advises investment firm on the entire fund / portfolio cycle. Providing strategic advise, validates investment, drives successful fund formation, operations and exit. 

He is frequently asked to act as an independent chairman or board member with a performance driven intent.

If you’d like to work with Henrik, please contact Marianne Fonseca.



If you’d like to get in touch with Henrik about speaking at your event, working with your organization, please contact Marianne Fonseca

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